The 5 installments – synopsis

  • Mafrouza –  Oh the night! [Oh la nuit !]     (Mafrouza 1 – 2:18)

A first archaeological visit leads to our meeting some of the people of Mafrouza. Their creative vitality and freedom are revealed through practical struggles as well as through songs and poems that drive the narrative of the film.

  • Mafrouza/Heart [Mafrouza/Cœur]     (Mafrouza 2 – 2:34)

Four months later. Everything in Mafrouza has been broken: houses are flooded, a couple is on the verge of divorce, a cheek is torn by a razor blade. Reconstructing themselves along with the world around them, the people of Mafrouza address and question the camera whose presence raises debates. Through exchanges and encounters, the camera’s eye is moved and falls in love.

  • What is to be done?  [Que faire ?]     (Mafrouza 3 – 2:32)

Sharing the sweetness of the last days of August with a few people of Mafrouza, to whom we are now familiar. Building steps, making some tea, preaching the sermon, having children, messing about, dancing, singing, swimming, each one daily invents a way to resist. And the struggle to survive ends up a lust for life.

  • The Hand of the Butterfly [La Main du Papillon]     (Mafrouza 4 – 2:22)

Early winter in Mafrouza. Deep inside the houses, we discover three generations of women by sharing in the intimacy of two family events: the birth of a baby boy and the engagement of a young female wrestler, two moments in which the individual destinies take shape, Here, we discover how the people of Mafrouza summon a rich imaginary world to make reality liveable by giving voice to the mysteries of life, death and gender.

  • The Art of Speaking [Paraboles]     (Mafrouza 5 – 2:35)

In the feast month preceding the great Eid day, fundamentalists come to seize the small mosque of the neighbourhood and start to deliver the Friday sermon. The people of Mafrouza tell the facts and comment on the situation with strong, quiet and clear-headed words. Mohamed Khattab, the ousted sheikh (and grocer of the neighbourhood) Keeps his dignity, his playful irony and the secret about his intentions. But he hasn’t said his last word yet…

(The 5 parts are in chronological order, but each part is independent
and can be viewed separately from the others.)

[The Mafrouza cycle – synopsis] [Mafrouza: a neighbourhood] [Mafrouza: the characters]
[Film credits]


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