Born in London, 1965. Emmanuelle Demoris lives in Paris, where she studied literature and art history at Paris III and Paris VII Universities before studying cinema at the FEMIS school. She first worked in theatre, as a director (and an actor (notably in Ô Douce Nuit !, by Tadeusz Kantor), also writing for cinema, which is how she met Jean Gruault. In 1998, she directed a first documentary film, Mémoires de pierre (Stone memories), about the past and the present of a stone quarry near Paris. She started the Mafrouza film project in 1999 with a filmed research on the living and the dead in the Mediterranean area.

Screenwriter since 1958 before becoming the producer of Mafrouza in 2006, Jean Gruault has written numerous scripts, notably for Jacques Rivette (Paris is Ours, The Nun), François Truffaut (Jules and Jim, The Wild Child, Two English Girls and the Continent, The Story of Adèle H., The Green Room), Jean-Luc Godard (Les Carabiniers), Roberto Rossellini (The Rise of Louis XIV) and Alain Resnais (My American Uncle, Life is a Bed of Roses, Love unto Death).


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